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Since the Study Center has an ethical obligation to the larger community, we offer occasional public lectures as well as films for discussion. Our faculty also offers “Saturday Seminars.” They are day-long presentations on topics of particular interest to the teacher (on-going research, recent publication, etc.) and are intended for mental health professionals who wish to know more about Jungian psychology.

In addition, the Center offers “Pre-Training Seminars” for psychotherapists who are in Jungian analysis and who have expressed an interest in training with us. These Saturday events are by invitation.

The Study Center is an accepted provider of continuing education (CE's) by the California Psychological Association (CPA), and Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (BBS).

The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures

The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures

Presented by John Porterfield, MFT, Jungian Analyst

“ The psyche consists essentially of images. It is a series of images in the truest sense…. A structure that is throughout full of meaning and purpose.” C. G. Jung

Saturday, January 28, 2017 10am - 3pm
9696 Culver Blvd., Suite 205, Culver City, CA 90232

Tuition $80 (4 CE’s Psychologist, LMFT AND LCSW) - Intermediate post-licensure instructional level

In 1990, Edward Edinger published, "The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures," based on Dr. Edinger's ten years of analysis with a prominent set, costumes and lighting designer for Broadway plays and operas. The book is based on a series of over 100 paintings created by the analysand, features analytical amplification and interpretation by Dr. Edinger and graphically demonstrates the reality of the living psyche.

This presentation will demonstrate the invaluable exposition of the way in which the psyche evolves when an individual deeply engages with images and themes presented in dreams and active imagination. Thirty select paintings that illustrate an arc and overview of the analytic work will be examined to demonstrate the purpose and meaning of a depth analysis.

Learning Objectives

1. Explore the evolution of the psyche as expressed by C. G. Jung through images.

2. Describe how dream images expressed through art can activate a connection to the Self.

3. Explain active imagination and its impact on the individuation process.

4. Discuss how dreams create equilibrium through symbolic understanding.

John Porterfield, MFT and Jungian analyst, maintains a private practice in the San Fernando Valley, working with individuals and couples. He is a Training Analyst and past President of the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California.  Earlier, John was a Head Writer and Story Consultant of daytime television.

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The C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists and maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

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CANCELLATIONS are subject to a $50.00 processing fee and must be received 14 days prior to be eligible for a refund. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Those who attend this workshop in full and complete the appropriate evaluation form will receive CE credits. Please note that credit will only be granted to those who attend the entire workshop. Those arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time or leaving before the workshop is completed will not receive CE credit.

Edward F. Edinger (1922-1998)

For the last twenty years of his life, Edward F. Edinger lived in Los Angeles.
It was here that he continued to analyze, lecture, and write most of his more than twenty books. The Study Center of Southern California has been inspired by his life and work and, to honor him, has established the Edward F. Edinger Lectureship. The Lectureship features periodically a public lecture on a topic close to Dr. Edinger’s own concern for the reality of the psyche. It is funded by gifts to the Study Center and provides an opportunity for interested persons to show gratitude for Edward F. Edinger’s contribution to us all.

Marie-Louise von Franz (1915-1998)

There is no better way to express the significance of Marie-Louise von Franz for the Study Center than these words from Dr. Edinger himself upon her death: “Jung’s level of consciousness was and is without peer. After his death, Dr. von Franz took over for me that premier position among the living. Her relation to Jung was extraordinary. She was his true spiritual daughter.” We count it a privilege, therefore, to learn from her many works on fairy tales, classical literature, and aspects of psychotherapy.

We hope to perpetuate the psychological legacy of Jung through both Edward Edinger and Marie-Louise von Franz whom we consider to be Jung’s most important heirs.